Private Consultation

Be a part of the Change…

In a private consultation we will discuss more than how plants can become supportive allies. Initially, we will speak of any dis-ease you came in with and what you are looking to address, symptomatically, and deeply. We will then discuss, holistically, your current lifestyle and areas in which you see potential for growth. The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of you as a unique individual will emerge into an empowering design of nourishing day to day changes that foster balance and vitality. The daily practices of health will be what is possible for you in your life, at this time, and meet you where you are now.

 Lifestyle Topics

 Daily/seasonal routine                              Emotional Fulfillment

 Diet & Nutrition                                          Lifestyle & Recreation

Exercise & Movement                                 Relationships

Physical Environment                                 Creative Expression


Initial visits(1.30hrs) $40-60

Follow up(1hr) $25-65

Brief (30 minutes or less) $by donation

I intend to have consultations be affordable so each individual is able to receive if they would like to. If these prices are out of your financial budget please don’t hesitate to contact me regardless.


If you would like to cancel or change your appointment please contact me 24hrs in advance by email ( $25 will be charged if no advance notice.


“In truth, there is enormous space in which to live our everyday lives.”   -Pema Chödrön